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WARX2- Movie Won The Best  Film of The Year  - Audience choice  by PBS Television. 

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Let's stop Genocide in The U.S Military now ! over 30,000  US Military Suicides since 2008. It's time to think outside the box! Let's do whatever it takes to stop 
this genocide.

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Documentary Film WARX2:  MPAA Rated PG-13, The Unseen Battleground, The War of Ghosts and spirits Features Interviews with Kogelo Witch Doctor, John Dimo;  Sarah Palin's Kenyan Pastor, Thomas Muthee, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Valerie Jarrett, Sen. Joe Donnelly, Gen. Eric Shinseki and Joe Biden.

Over 8,000 U.S military veterans committed suicides in the year 2013; and 20,000 soldiers tried to commit suicide in 2013. Why, Why?! Why even non-combat soldiers have PTSD? Why non-combat soldiers commit suicide?

  Due to sudden increase of active duty U.S military and veterans suicides and more young westerners being recruited to become terrorists possibly by foreign terror organizations. Warx2 tries to link these two very serious national security issues through research, experiment and interviews to spiritual attacks or mind control in the form of or by using ghosts and/or spirits.

  Warx2 movie uses all available means including Almighty God, Science, the Holy books like The Bible, different religions, beliefs, cultures, traditions (especially Arab and African cultures related to this subject) etc., to explain that the devil (evil spirits) are real and can cause harmful ghostly and spirits attacks to human beings . Included are interviews with ghost owners (witch doctors), possessed persons, victims and witnesses of these attacks.

  Warx2 focuses on non-fictional real life accounts and practical aspects of this serious topic and tries to use God, science and all other available methods to describe the mechanism of these spirits and ghostly attacks. Contrary to popular beliefs, warx2 will show that there are ways for people to protect themselves against spirits and ghostly attacks. The main goal of warx2 film is to create awareness about this matter and to therefore save lives.

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MPAA Rated PG-13